Things to Remember for an Eye-Catching Painted Edge Business Card

First impression is the last impression and painted edge business cards are a perfect solution for your need! The vibrant colors, classic look, elegant design, with marvelous layers of colors lying on a thick card will push your business to a new level.

An eye-catching Painted edge business card design is one of the best tools to make a business stand out in a market by enhancing the face of the business. With the ability to make an everlasting impression, make an impact on your client through an innovatively designed business card. A business must carry a good and attractive painted edge business card in the USA to increase its market. Below are the tips to make your business cards more impressive.

Clarity of the Information:

The main moto of a business card is to provide a specific piece of information to the carrier. You will have to fit all the main information including name, job title, phone number, company’s name, company’s purpose, and email address in 3.5 to 4 inch of the space, but carefully not to mess up any design. If you are lacking enough space to fit in all the information, do not go for small fonts or such fonts which makes it hard for a person to read.

Make the card as much readable as you can. Keep the fonts simple. Don’t play with it, give it a professional look.


Which color to use to make it more vibrant?

Go for the colors which related to the business logo especially. Mostly use bright colors to make the business card more prominent and attractive but don’t make it unprofessional. If you are finding it hard to create the right color combination for your painted edge business cards, use the online color matching tool. It will help you to find a good contrast.


Just like colors, a human mind finds the image more attractive than words. Always keep a section in your business card empty for an image whether it is related to your business, your product or a logo at the back of the painted edge business card or at the top right corner of it would work perfectly.

Embossing It:

Embossing a card gives it a nice finish and look. It can be done in various creative manners using gold or silver color to make it look more attractive and eye-catching. This is a famous technique of using the die on your card to make the words embossed look more vibrant in grabbing the attention of the reader.


While designing a painted edge business card, it is necessary to pick the kind of paper best-suiting the design you want to be printed on the painted edge business card. The thicker the card is, the more expensive it seems. The painted edge will give it a classic look but the thickness of the paper will make it look rich. Spend time in deciding how thick you want your card to be.


Simplicity on the card would be a success. Keeping all the tips above in the mind, try to keep your card as simple as possible. Don’t make it look too tacky or cheap. It will make you lose your clientele. Simplicity brings professionalism toward the card. Don’t use all the colors or horrific designs. Use the designs and color which are more related to your business.

If you are still not sure which design to choose or how to keep all those tips in mind while making your painted edge business card, Voila Print will help you in this situation. Our highly skilled team knows perfectly how to market your business through 4 inches of the space.