Best Way to Hang Posters without Damaging the Wall

Sometimes the simple thing becomes a masterpiece when dealt with care, innovation, and elegance. For example, a simple piece of a gift presented in a vibrant, eye-catching and versatile packaging makes it more precious and appealing. Similarly, the best way to hang posters without damaging wall becomes exceptionally desirable. When we encounter the challenge of cleanliness and delicacy of the walls of our home, educational institution or any business spot.


Preparations Before Best Way to Hang Posters


•  Clean Hands, No Smudges


It is always advantageous to wash and clean your hands on a necessary basis, so that any probable moisture, dust, and minor oily or greasy feel on your hands may extinguish. A slight impurity in your hands may cause the ugly look of the poster in the form of spots or blemish. It is also well said, “A stitch in time saves nine.”





•  Put the Poster in a Proper Posture


Orientation and placing of posters flatly become a matter of acute attention when they are available in tubes. The new posters, when pulled out of the tube, will tend the same pattern as they packed earlier. Will result in the curling of the poster and provide a negative force against the target adhesion surface for the poster, reducing its adhesiveness.

It becomes effective to put the sign flat with printed side up on a smooth surface and exert weight on its every corner for several hours to remove the tendency for curling and to enhance its workability. Never need to be worried about this step for already flattened, hard and not packed in tube socks!

best way to hang up posters


•  Pay Utmost Importance to Cleanliness of the Target Wall


We have abundant air, heat, water, and dust in our living environment but mostly unnoticeable. We realize when we see the effect of moisture and dust in a result of dirty walls and ugly spots on them. Wall will lose the adhesion of bond and make harder for our poster to stick against the selected place. 

Dealing with dirty walls and ugly spots is simple! Just need to move a wet cloth with minor dish detergent on the target place for cleaning it, and the job is done. Also, be aware that the walls of your home are not newly painted because the adhesive material may make them spotty and ugly after removal of posters.

best way to hang posters without damaging walls



7 Best Ways to Hang Posters Safely and Neatly



1.    Magic Tape-A Revolutionary Style to Hang Posters


The magic tapes are cost-effective and easily handled when coming into play for hanging the poster, without damaging the wall. Mainly, they are useful for mounting light objects besides the posters against the walls and woody or smooth surfaces as well. They are the best source to complete the job of a poster hanging neatly and appealingly. They also don’t leave any bad spots which make wall skin sticky and ugly.


best way to hang framed posters



2.    Washi Tape


An Art and Technique to Give A Classical Look and Hang Your Posters. Washi tapes are colorful, trendy and extremely demanding in the modern era. They are not only fruitful for decorating and making the products touchy but also used as the best way to hang posters without damaging the wall. They are target product for modern interior designers due to its various colors and unique property of adhesion on a vast variety of materials, giving them an extraordinary look.

Similarly, they are also desirable for poster hanging without any damage and giving them elegance by their colorful property. Unlike other tapes, there is no sticky material remained on the walls or damaging the wall. They are comfortable and most economical means of adorning the room or put the posters up.


best way to hang posters on drywall



3.   Glue Dots or Putty-A Removable Material When Campaign is Over


We can use small chunks of paste or putty available in various colors to hang your good quality poster safely and neatly against walls, especially concrete block walls. They are easy to manage and cost-effective, as well as long-lasting. Just take these chunks and put them on the corners of the poster and paste them on the desired place.

It is also a time-saving technique. Behold! Although they are the best choice for the present scenario, their functionality is humidity sensitive. Hence, it is advisable to have a sensible review of your humidity conditions before going for the choice to hang your poster with glue dots or putty.


poster putty



4.    Tapes with Adhesion on Both Sides


These tapes are useful to give a fascinating and decent look while serving the purpose of both the piece of art and means for hanging poster safely and gracefully. These tapes are one of the best ways to hang a poster without doing any harm to the poster or the target wall.

People are being aware of its importance and regard it as a useful source for poster hanging these days. They are extremely easy to work with while putting the posters up by applying this tape on each corner of the poster and in the middle as well. They are trendy and available at economical price.



5.    Tooth Paste- Some Unique Source for Putting Poster Up


A very simple, plain and old toothpaste may serve as a sticky material to hang a poster without any damage. The toothpaste without mixing of any whitener or other anti-adhesion chemicals are supposed best ones for this purpose. Keep your poster smooth and put suitable droplets on its corners and paste the designated place.


how to hang posters


6.    Shampoo as an Adhesive Material


There some types of shampoos, usually non-hydrating type may be used an adhesive mean as well. Their drawback is that they may be used only for light posters and they can’t handle it when they come across humid environments as well.


best way to hang silk posters



7. Using Strong Magnets in Touchy Way to Hang Your Art Piece


Are you afraid of stickiness? No need to be worried. You have the best choice to put your poster up while using a system of magnetic hangers in an appealing and eye-catching way. These magnetic hangers utilize strong magnets to serve the cause without damaging the poster or the wall.


best way to hang large posters



Other Best Way to Hang Posters - When Nothing Better is Available


We are well familiar with the best ways to hang a poster, but there are some other techniques as well when the credibility of the poster is less required, or cleanliness and fineness of walls are less focused. Anyhow, we can also use the following methods which are not much fascinating, but they are practicable when no better solutions are feasible.


1.    Nails Driven Into Walls with Binder Clip Attached


 You may take a couple of steel nails and hammer them into the wall at two different but inline points from the top of the poster. A binder clip will hang from each of both nails. Now it is straightforward to clip and unclip the desired posters anytime without damaging the posters. The wall is slightly damaged only from the place where nails were driven into the surface of the supporting wall while the poster remains undamaged.


best way to hang poster



2. Move Nails, Thumb Tacks or Drawing Pins through the Poster and Walls


There is also an option to hammer the nails or pushing the thumbtacks and drawing pins into each corner of the poster, but this method is less desirable as compared to clips and nail system as mentioned above. By using this method, the poster and the walls may slightly damage. So to make it more effective, the pieces of paper of suitable thickness and decent shapes may be mounted in place of the poster where desired support is to push in.


best ways to hang posters



3.    Wheat-Paste, an Ancient Technique to Hang the Posters


In the past, one of the best ways to hang posters along the wall or other supporting piece was using a wheat-paste and also considered the most effective technique for this purpose.  Anyhow, with the advent of more sophisticated, trendy, modern techniques and inventions made it less effective and almost impracticable. Moreover, the use of wheat paste also damages poster when it comes to removing the poster and gives an ugly look to the wall making its surface dirty as well.


ways to hang posters


4.    Duct Tape-A Binding Tape, More Powerful But Damaging to Posters


These tapes are very strong and long lasting but equally effective to hang more large posters as well. Unfortunately, they inhabit a drawback as well to damage the sign due to their high-quality binding material and strong adhesive property, while removing the poster.

Anyhow, the posters with high quality and relatively heavier weight are preferable to deal with and less damaged by it while hanging them up. So these ways of hanging a poster are not suggested unless otherwise, they become the only option. In other cases, they are preferred as well, when the poster’s stability or wall’s beauty not brought into consideration.

hang up posters


No matter which best way to hang posters you used, the quality of the poster does matter, higher the quality, better the workability and stability of the posters against adjoining hanging materials. Advancement in technology has made you able to enjoy a lot of best ways to hang posters. 

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