How to Hang Metal Prints?

A metal print hung up in your room can bring joy, style, and love to your lifestyle. Knowing how to hang metal prints properly is crucial while giving your room an aesthetic look. Before discussing how to hang it, it is important to understand the dynamics and all the aspects of metal prints.


What Are Metal Prints? 


how to hang aluminium prints

People in the ancient times used to use the metal artworks in order to express their emotions, tell a story or decorate their architectures? The metal panel contains the high definition art pieces where the image is layered upon it.

You can hang it anywhere you like, whether it is your room, your drawing room, or your library. Wherever it goes, it will end up providing a marvelous and glamorous look to the area.


Prints on Aluminum: 

Prints on sleek metal panels, usually aluminum, helps in bringing the image to life. It helps in redefining the rich and natural look to the artwork. Wherever it is hung up, it helps in enhancing the look and contrast of the room. The bigger, the better.


Why choosing it?

No matter what design you go for or what color you choose, there are some specific benefits that this form of art offers you. Firstly, its frameless design adds the rich and clean look to your room. You don’t have to spend bucks on matting or framing the art.

Due to the durability and reliability it offers, you will never have to worry about the longevity of it. Want to look at it for the next 20 years? Don’t worry about it! It will always be there providing a glamorous look to your room.


Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints: 

All the people, who choose to go for a metal print or come to a realization that metal prints are one of the most demanded artworks, face the dilemma of making a choice between an eye-catching canvas wrap and an elegant metal print.

Although both of them serve the purpose of bringing the joy and style to the room, one of them is obviously better than the other. Making a decision is the most difficult part. It solely depends upon the image and the style of the room.


When to Choose Metal Prints?

If you want to catch the attention of your audience, this is your medium. Sober colors don’t work well on metal prints. To get full advantage of this medium, you must use sharp and bright imagery to give your room a colorful style.

Seascapes, landscapes, sunsets, and black and white images work well with this medium. If your interior is new, with a clean and polished surface, a polished metal artwork will suit the best and provide the whole room an elegant look.


When to Choose Canvas Prints?

This medium provides more versatility. Either you put it in a small room or in a huge office, it will provide the same kind of warm and inviting air to the environment. Canvas print supports both soft and bold imagery, however, the look will be similar to a photo print.

It succeeds in providing an artistry look to your room, hence, you can choose this medium for portraits of wedding photography. It will fit anywhere at your house or your office.


How to Hang Metal Prints?


How to hang metal prints

There are many ways to hang a metal print on the wall. You can use special fasteners or improvised means. For some of them, it is necessary to drill holes in the wall, for others it is not necessary.

The simplest methods suitable for small and light ones should include fasteners with a needle, paper clip, or pin. The tip of the attachment of the wallpaper is pierced in the direction from top to bottom, then, pressing the pin, you need to lower it by two thirds, hooking it on the wall. If necessary, the fasteners are easy to remove or move to another place, with no visible traces on the wall. This, of course, is the old-fashioned way, but, nevertheless, it allows you to securely fix the artwork on the wall, especially if the wall has a dense structure.

Nails - a solution to the problem, how to hang a metal print on a wall of plasterboard, wood or a wall with a thick layer of plaster. If the print does not have a special bracket, then you can simply drill a small hole, slightly larger than the diameter of the nail head, right in the metal. An alternative to nails, if the walls are very hard, will be specially produced hooks for solid walls. They are made of white plastic, inside which sharp nails are hardened from hardened steel.

If the artwork is heavy enough, then you need to use more serious fastenings, for example, a screw plus a dowel. There will already be a need to drill a hole in the wall. It should be a little more than the length of the dowel, in case dust remains in the hole. The gap should be approximately 5 mm. Before you drill the wall, markup is done. A concrete wall is amenable to drilling at a maximum speed of the drill. The big metal prints need to be hung on a string, throwing two loops on the screw. For better fixation should pick a screw with a hemispherical head.


Today, the process of special fastening artworks to the wall without nails allows to avoid drilling holes, are special hooks. These are special hooks to hang artworks on walls. But it should be borne in mind that this type of fastener can only withstand a load of up to 2 kg.

The metal print completely covers the hook, making it invisible, and the mounting of the hook itself is easy, without any additional tools, without leaving marks on the surface during removal.

Such hooks are made exactly as a device for hanging objects on the walls and are suitable for all types of walls, be it plastered surface, concrete, brick, drywall or wood. They can be used repeatedly.


Custom Aluminum Print:

After knowing about what metal prints are, how to hang metal prints, and what purpose does it serve to your home, are you looking forward to getting one? Are you finding it hard to get your desired image printed on metal and get the lavish look through polishing and matting?

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