What is Included in a Letterhead?

Surely you saw many companies or professionals using letterheads. However, you are not sure what is it for? Is it just more of printed material? Or is it possible that it is essential to give credibility to your brand? And what is included in a letterhead?

In today's article, you will discover what a letterhead is, what it includes, and its importance for your company.


What Is A Letterhead?

You must be thinking ‘what is a letterhead,' so here we give a brief explanation: letterhead is a paper with the visual identity of a company or business: logo, email, page web, address, etc.

Generally, this information appears on the upper or lower side of the page, leaving the rest of the material free to write or print on. The letterhead gives credibility and professionalism to any document of the company or professional who use it. In addition to this, this material contributes to reinforcing the image of your brand before your customers or suppliers.


What Is A Company Letterhead?

After discussing ‘What is a letterhead?' Let's moves to the explanation of the definition of company letterhead. A company letterhead is one of the types of printing products, most often of A4 format, containing permanent, unchanging text content, as well as the space reserved for entering information.


Consequently, the differentiating factor that sets a company letterhead apart are:

Logo (if available);

Name of the organization;

Contacts: address, telephone / fax, e-mail and website (if available);


The corporate letterhead of an organization, along with the business cards of employees, is a tool that a company needs from the very beginning of its corporation. After all, outgoing business letters, internal documentation, reports, and contracts are drawn upon letterheads.


Company Letterhead Design:


What is Included in a Letterhead?


First of all, the design of the letterhead must meet the requirements of the corporate identity, as well as the brand of the company. But, regardless of whether the company has developed these tools, it is not difficult to create a letterhead. After all, it is a tool for business documentation, which obliges the company to use it, without any decorative elements on it.

When designing the letterhead, especially on your own, you should not forget that it is, to some extent, an image-making tool, and it must be designed according to the rules of typography and the requirements of a simple style. In particular, the variety of fonts and their modification (underlining, italics, etc.) should be strictly avoided.


When designing the company's letterhead, it is very important to remember that the form will be actively used professionally, therefore:

There should not be any background images on the letterhead due to the fact that it can be sent by fax;

A letterhead should use a well-readable font to avoid loss of readability when sending by fax;

Must be kept from the left edge due to the fact that it can be hemmed into a folder;

All immutable information (details, contact information) is better placed in the header and footer in order to avoid their inadvertent change;


Why Is A Letterhead Important?

Budgets, proposals, documents, letters, orders, and statements must be made on letterhead for companies. This will give certain "validity" to the documents. It is possible to write by hand or print through the printer on letterhead and place the signature by hand.

This printed material is widely used by lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals who always need to show a document that gains the credibility of their clients.


Letterhead Guidelines

The letterhead for companies is marketing material, important for organizations. Because of this, it is necessary that the letterhead has the same visual identity of the company, with the same colors and type of letter used in other graphic materials such as Business Cards, Flyers and Folders.


Other points that you should take into account when making a letter letterhead are:

• Size: The standard letterhead size in inches is 216 mm x 279 m), however, there is also the option of a ½ letter (140 x 216 mm), and you must choose the size that suits your needs.

• Paper: It is important to select a light paper so that you can write or print on it, so we advise you to use 90gr bond paper for your letterhead.

• Colors: The letterhead can have more vivid colors or just black and white. Choose the colors that fit the image of your company. It is possible to use some background color, but remember to choose light colors, so that the information that is placed on the letterhead is visible.

• Content: The main thing is to place the logo and/or name of the company. In addition to this, you can choose to add more information such as address, e-mail, a website to the social networks of your company or brand.


What Is Included In A Letterhead?

After answering all the questions, it is necessary to discuss in detail that 'what is included in a letterhead?' Letterhead is frequently used in written correspondence to clients, partners, and media. Because it is seen by many groups, creating a careful design that suits the personality of your company will help you in creating your image. On most business letterheads, there are some basic components.



Most letterheads include a logo on paper to help identify a company's brand. This is usually on the top of the letterhead, either centered or on the side. The Letterhead logo size must be standard. The quality of the image and the printer used affects the way the letterhead looks. Poor image quality on your computer will result in a low-quality image on the letterhead.


Contact Information:

The company's contact information is also on the letterhead. This information also defines the identity of the company. It also gives the recipient of the document easy access to your contact information. When the recipient needs to speak with you, he can find out your phone number, company name, address, web page, and email addresses. Often, this information is found on the top or bottom of the letterhead, depending on the selected design.


What Is A Personal Letterhead?

After discussing what is included in a letterhead, let’s discuss what a personal letterhead is? A personal letterhead is formed just like a company letterhead. However, the details provided in this letterhead belong to a person instead of a company. Moreover, this letterhead doesn't contain a logo. There are multiple uses of such form of a letterhead where you can draft letters to people or write guidelines.


In conclusion, letterhead is one of the most important corporate material carrying a lot of importance in business. Although it is used on a personal level too, it is mostly found in corporate sectors. ‘What is included in a letterhead’ is the most common question that people ask. We hope this article has answered all your questions.

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